Leak-Proof Your Roof while Saving Energy!

Our Energy Star certified solutions from Conklin provide a longstanding, weather-durable finish you can depend on for years to come. The roofing systems we install come with a leak-free warranty that covers both labor and materials.

White is the new green – 85% Reflectivity!

Reduce roof temperature by as much as 30+ degrees, and lower cooling costs. Reduce heat related stress on your structure.

Stop Leaks
Conklin’s 100% acrylic and VOC compliant coatings prevent leaks where they occur most- at the steams. Your entire roof is protected by a durable, waterproof finish.

Save Energy
Save money on air conditioning. The energy saving, Acrylic-Coating System keeps your building cooler whether it’s air conditioned or not by reflecting up to 85% of the sun’s UV rays.

Save Money
It costs less to repairs your roof than to replace it. Because you don’t tear off your old roof, there are no waste disposal costs and your building’s contents are never exposed to the elements.

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